Planting design in Little Gaddesdon
Planting design in Little Gaddesdon
Wildlife friendly planting design in Hertfordshire
Rich planting design in Hertfordshire garden
Planting Design in Hertfordshire
Planting design with Prunus serrula
Stale sculpture enhanced by planting design sculpture

Planting Design
Little Gaddesdon, Hertfordshire

We are thrilled to present this beautiful planting design project in Hertfordshire in our portfolio.

The Planting Design Brief

We were briefed to update the planting to enhance the house and create a backdrop to the family’s life. The brief also included using as many of the existing plants as possible. With the garden wrapping around the house, it would need to look great from all aspects and throughout the year.

The Garden

We chose combinations of deciduous and evergreen plants to provide year round interest and habitat and food for wildlife. Using bulbs, grasses, perennials, shrubs and trees, we designed a rich and textured garden. We ‘tamed’ the relaxed flower beds with clipped, evergreen Euonymus hedging, which created a neat and formally edged entrance garden. The result is a garden that welcomes guests, leads visitors to the front door and provides interest from every window.

For more about our design process, please see our Planting Plan and Design Process pages.