Japanese garden design with quartz paddle-stone raised bed
Japanese garden design with quartz paddle-stone raised bed
Japanese style water feature in Herts. garden design
Hertfordshire by garden designer Amanda Broughton
Feature pond in Japanse garden in Hertfordshire
Herts. garden patio and planting in Japanese inspired garden
Pergola in Japanese inspired Garden in Hertfordshire
Hertfordshire garden design featuring a quartz paddle-stone raised bed

Japanese Inspired Garden Design
New Barnet, Hertfordshire

We were inspired to create this design by the layout of the plot. The garden wraps around the house, lending itself to zoning into different ‘rooms’. As a keen gardener, our client had created a diverse plant list so we grouped the plants into themes of style and habitat. Following these themes, we divided the garden into distinct areas, which provide different views from each window. Additionally, the garden had a beautiful mature Acer which inspired the Japanese garden design we went on to create.

Japanese Garden

We used this area to show case the existing stunning Acer and surrounded it with a curved quartz paddle-stone wall. Then we chose a Japanese style water feature, which allows water to fall gently from a bamboo water spout into a traditional Japanese granite water basin.  Then the water gently overflows to a small babbling stream, leading to a circular pebble pool. Additional features in this area include a magnificent cloud pruned tree, under-planted with evergreen Carex, and the black grass, Ophiopogon. Also, we created a predominantly green and white planting scheme, including Japanese Anemones, Hydrangeas, grasses and ferns.

Mediterranean Garden for entertaining and dining

To create the Mediterranean atmosphere, we used a mature characterful olive tree and a bespoke pizza oven.  Additionally, we designed Mediterranean style planting including Lavender, Italian Cyprus, Verbena, Salvia, Sedums and grasses. To provide screening and to separate this area from the rest of the garden, we created a bespoke cedar pergola and trellis.

Woodland Garden

The woodland garden leads you from the front gravel driveway to the rear gardens. Here we underplanted multi-stemmed Himalayan Birch trees with animated groups of large box balls, ferns, Hellebores and other shade loving plants flank the gravel path.

We linked the various areas by the use of materials, including granite plank paving and gravel.

Construction by Lanwarne Landscapes Ltd.