Hertfordshire Country Garden design - wildlife pond by day
Hertfordshire Country Garden design - wildlife pond by day
Pond by night....
Van de Moortel paving and gravel with planting in Hertfordshire garden design
Prairie style planting with perennials, bulbs and Birch trees
Grasses, perennials and Alliums in Hertfordshire garden design
Bespoke landscape design Hertfordshire
Dramatic Planting in Country Garden by garden designer Amanda Broughton
Country Garden by garden designer Amanda Broughton
Van de Moortel paving and prairie style planting in Contemporary Hertfordshire Country Garden design
Autumn flowering in Hertfordshire Country Garden design

Country Garden Design
Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire

Our client’s striking country garden design in Hertfordshire, is near a railway and is otherwise surrounded by farmland. Their property had been a breakers yard and was now the site of their new build house with slate patio. So, when we started the design work, the rest of the site was a completely blank canvass….

The Client Brief

Our client briefed us to create a contemporary country garden design for the whole family to enjoy, including the dog. We were asked to incorporate a water feature and intimate patio areas, surrounded by generous, contemporary flower beds and borders. Also, the client wanted soft, naturalistic planting to encourage wildlife.

Prairie Style Country Garden Design

We decided to use bold generous curves, to create a journey through the space and break up the existing rectangle. To further add interest to the rectilinear view and slow the visual journey through the garden, we placed Betula utilis var. jacquemontii along the route, within the planting beds. We also used a curved hedge of Prunus lusitania to accentuate the form at the back of the borders. To tie in with the countryside views beyond, and create the naturalistic, ‘prairie style’ the client wanted, we included a high proportion of perennials and grasses in the planting palette. To provide interest throughout the winter, we chose evergreen plants and grasses and perennials with lasting seed-heads.

The Hard Landscaping

We used Vande Moortel Clay Pavers in SeptimA Graphite for colour continuity with the existing slate patio, creating wide, contemporary, interconnecting paths along a central axis of the garden. We designed the paving to be laid in a running bond and grouted them with Basalt EASYJoint jointing compound. To tie the hard landscaping together, we also used clay pavers elsewhere in the design; to edge the curvaceous gravel path and the wild-life pond. We chose these clay pavers to make a visual link between the architecture of the house and the patio.

When we moved into our new build house we were faced with half an acre back garden which was a field. We engaged Amanda Broughton Designs to create a garden that would be beautiful, interesting, great for wildlife and not overly intensive to manage. The result is even better than we imagined it could be; we think it is stunning and every day look out at the garden and enjoy it. Each season, even each month, brings a different look. The birds, bees, butterflies and other insects abound which is an absolute joy to watch. Amanda and her team have been great, from start to finish. I knew very little about gardening and plants, but I knew I wanted an informal look as we are very rural. We now have an informal formality with fabulous plants and it all totally works. I have so enjoyed the whole process - and am even becoming quite a gardener!! Amanda is so great to work with - very knowledgable and so clearly has a passion for what she does. We are now engaging her to do the front garden, and can’t wait to see the outcome!