Is garden and landscape design seasonal?

Although gardening and planting are seasonal, we do work all year round on the garden design. People often choose spring to rethink their garden, but we are happy to give you advice and guidance at any time. You can see from our Design Process pages that a lot of garden design is done indoors!

We generally plant in spring or autumn as the soil is usually more moist at these times of the year. But as long as the conditions are good and the plants are in stock, we will plant! Bulb planting is very seasonal, though; as bulbs need to be planted at the correct time of year for their species. E.g. tulips should be planted in mid to late autumn as they can be susceptible to ‘Tulip Fire‘ if planted too early . So, if we have planted a garden in spring, we will return in autumn to plant the bulbs.

Country Garden by garden designer Amanda Broughton

Birch trees autumn leaves catching the afternoon sun – Amanda Broughton Garden Design

We also try to plant deciduous trees during the winter, and purchase them as bare root trees rather than in pots. During the winter, trees are dormant, so their water uptake is much less than during the growing season. This is a more economical way of buying trees as they are cheaper to buy and cheaper to plant.

However, to get to the planting… the design and hard landscaping will have been done. So we do the garden and landscaping design at all times of year.