How do I choose a Garden Designer?

There are a number of things to consider when you choose a Garden Designer:

Work you like

Obviously you will have searched the web for Garden Design inspiration. Keep a track of your research and create a shortlist of garden designers whose work you like the look of. You can also create a ‘Pinterest‘ board of your favourite garden design ideas.

Meet the designer

You will want to meet the Designer to find out who they are and how they work. Some Garden Designers charge a fee for an initial consultation and others don’t. Either way, you will need to meet them before going ahead, so if you are really keen on their work, you need the consultation.

Make the most of the Initial Consultation

You will get something out of this, even if you haven’t paid a fee. It is the Designer’s opportunity to demonstrate to you that they understand your needs. So they will likely start thinking about how the garden can be re-designed and possibly offer suggestions as it how they would translate your brief into a new design.

Assess the Quote and Brief

When you receive the designer’s quote you can decide if their fees are affordable. Also, they will write up your brief and you will be able to decide if they have interpreted it correctly.

A good working relationship

For a project to run smoothly, you need to trust your designer and have confidence in their ideas and professionalism. It is very important to have a good working relationship with them, built on mutual understanding and respect. Choose a designer who, while listening carefully to your brief, will also bring their own experience and creative flare and design a wonderful garden that fulfils your needs!


Finally, if you choose a Garden Designer who has worked in your area, they may have garden designs that you can visit near by. Also, if you have planning applications to be submitted, the designer will have experience of dealing with your local authority.