Informal Garden
Golders Green, London

Tell a story with your garden. We can add interest by using sandstone, gravel and grass combined with dense foliage to mask and protect.

Having previously designed her front garden, our client was so delighted with the results that she invited us back to work our magic on her rear garden.

As our client wanted as little hard landscaping as possible, we created a meandering grass path which leads slowly through the garden incorporating generously proportioned beds.

The area close to the house was finished with gravel and a sandstone paved path. Pleached Photinia were planted to afford privacy and disguise a neighbour’s extension.

I first hired Amanda to design my front drive. We were so pleased with the result that we hired her again years later to do a bigger job on my rear garden.

Her advice on the design was perfect because it took into account our preferences plus all the knowledge from a professional.

I would strongly recommend Amanda - she is not only a professional gardener, but also a true artist.
Dr. Santiago